Ceramic Electric Diffuser Stylish Hand Shape Oil Burner Lamp (White, 6″ inch)


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About this item:

  • This is Ceramic Electric Diffuser with an attached Electric Mirchi Bulb Fitting. Water Bowl capacity is 15-20 ml Approx and works For 2-3 hours approx. This diffuser comes with Mirchi Bulb, one attached to the diffuser.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of tap water with 5-10 drops of aroma oil, Light up the bulb, and with the heat of the bulb water starts getting evaporating. In a few minutes, you will feel the aromatic fragrance.
  • Good To Use As Air Freshener And Also a Great Piece For Decor.
  • It can also be used as a lamp, making it a perfect gifting item for your loved ones

Product Description

Ceramic Electric Diffuser

Ceramic Electric Diffuse:

As it is handcrafted in India with Traditional skills (Made in India), it gives artful appeal to any space in your home. It adds a refined touch to your decor while it’s glowing. Due to the handmade nature of these products designs and exact colours may slightly vary but loveliness comes as standard, pour about 2 tablespoons of tap water (warm water) into the shallow dish. Drop in about 5-10 drops of aroma oil into the water.

Light up the bulb, and with the heat of the bulb water starts getting evaporating. In a few minutes, you will feel the aromatic fragrance. The purpose of the water is to aid in the diffusion of aromatic particles as the heated water turns to vapor. Also, the addition of water prevents the aroma of oil from burning at the bottom of the dish. Caution: refill the bowl with oil and water immediately when it gets empty. Keep out of reach of children and don’t touch surfaces when it can get very hot. Place the diffuser on the Heat resistant surface.

Enhance Your Space with Elegant Ceramic Electric Diffuser Aromas.

Discover the Art of Fragrance Diffusion:

Transform your home into a haven of serenity and beauty with our Ceramic Electric Diffuser Stylish Hand Shape Oil Burner Lamp. This exquisite diffuser combines functionality, style, and the captivating power of aromatherapy to elevate your space to new heights. With its elegant hand-shaped design in a stunning white finish, this diffuser not only complements any decor but also adds a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.

Elevate Your Mood and Well-Being

Indulge your senses and embrace a world of delightful aromas. Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrances that fill the air as the Ceramic Electric Diffuser gently disperses the essence of your favorite essential oils. The carefully crafted ceramic design ensures a consistent and long-lasting diffusion, enveloping your space with a soothing ambiance that promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and emotional well-being.

With its easy-to-use operation, this diffuser allows you to customize your aromatherapy experience. Simply add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the water reservoir, adjust the mist intensity, and let the magic unfold. Whether you seek tranquility after a long day or a boost of energy to start your morning, this diffuser is your gateway to a personalized aromatic journey.

Experience Safety and Versatility of Ceramic Electric Diffuse:

The Ceramic Electric Diffuser Stylish Hand Shape Oil Burner Lamp is not only a sensory delight but also a safe and versatile addition to your home. Crafted with your well-being in mind, this diffuser features advanced safety features such as automatic shut-off when the water level is low, giving you peace of mind and ensuring worry-free operation.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, this diffuser is perfect for various settings. Whether you want to enhance the ambiance of your living room, bedroom, office, or spa, the sleek and compact design of this diffuser makes it a stylish and practical choice for any space. Additionally, the soft, warm glow emitted by the lamp creates an inviting atmosphere, further enhancing the aesthetics of your environment.

Embrace the Benefits of Aromatherapy.

Discover the Magic of Essential Oils:

Unleash the power of nature with the Ceramic Electric Diffuser Stylish Hand Shape Oil Burner Lamp. Aromatherapy has been cherished for centuries for its numerous benefits, and this diffuser allows you to experience them firsthand. From improving sleep quality and reducing stress to boosting concentration and enhancing mood, the gentle and consistent diffusion of essential oils can work wonders for your overall well-being.

Embrace the versatility of this diffuser by exploring a vast array of essential oils. Choose lavender for its calming properties, eucalyptus for its invigorating scent, or citrus oils for an uplifting atmosphere. The possibilities are endless, and the Ceramic Electric Diffuser provides the perfect canvas to paint your olfactory masterpiece.

Elevate Your Self-Care Routine:

Transform your daily rituals into moments of self-care and self-love. With the Ceramic Electric Diffuser, you can create a sanctuary within your own home, where you can unwind, recharge, and find solace from the demands of everyday life. Embrace the therapeutic qualities of aromatherapy and let the soothing scents transport you to a realm of tranquility and inner harmony.

Whether you use the diffuser during your meditation sessions, yoga practice, or while enjoying a relaxing bath, it adds an extra layer of serenity to your self-care routine. Treat yourself to the luxury of a fragrant escape, and embrace the transformative power of aromatherapy.

The Perfect Gift for Loved Ones.

Share the Gift of Relaxation:

Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? Look no further than the Ceramic Electric Diffuser Stylish Hand Shape Oil Burner Lamp. With its elegant design and enchanting aroma diffusion, this diffuser makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Show your loved ones how much you care by introducing them to the world of aromatherapy and offering them a way to create their own moments of tranquility.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or just a gesture of appreciation, this diffuser is sure to impress. Its captivating aesthetics, combined with the benefits of aromatherapy, make it a heartfelt gift that will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

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