Copper Water Bottle Leak Proof for Ayurvedic Health Benefits (900ml)

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About this item:

Copper Water Bottle is good for health. Water stored in copper water bottle is filled with anti-oxidants.

Beautifully engraved, trendy in look and styles with a smooth and airtight cap.


Product Description

Copper has only in recent years become more interesting to medical researchers as increasing evidence points to its significance in the immune system, injury recovery, fat burning, and much more.

More than a simple mineral, copper is a necessary ingredient of the human body and is involved in a wide variety of bodily functions that keep us strong, responsive, and thinking clearly.

For the bones to function properly, copper is a must in our diet. Since it’s not available in our body we need to take it manually. This can be best done by using Copper water bottle with leak proof cap. Along with copper, it also provides you to drink sufficient amount of water, which itself is a must.

Copper is perhaps one of the most important ingredients for our brain’s effective neurotransmitter response towards stimuli. Copper water bottle helps in balancing your sugar levels, your cardiovascular health and blood circulation proper.

Copper bottles are naturally antibiotic and resist holding odors and tastes, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning them with antibacterial soap. We do not recommend running your copper water bottle through a dishwasher. The best way to clean your copper water bottle is with room temperature water, natural (not detergent) dish soap, and a soft sponge. You can also clean it using more traditional methods: use the juice from a couple wedges of lemon or rub the surfaces with fresh tamarind, which you can find in any well-stocked oriental market, and rinse to clean and polish the surfaces of your copper water bottle.

If you are insistent on maintaining a strong shine on the outside of your bottle, you can use a traditional home-use metal polish.

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