Baby Shower Game Emoji Rhymes (50 Pcs)


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baby showers were simpler to prepare and more traditional. An informal gathering was arranged to congratulate the expecting mom and this event served as a venue for the older or more experienced mothers to give birthing advice to the expecting mother. They typically would reassure her and calm her fears about the whole delivery process. As the chatting would usually continue for some time, the shower often included food and drinks. The baby shower was also a chance for other mothers to give gifts for the baby or pass on valuable baby items that their own babies had outgrown. Today, baby showers have evolved but the practice of gift giving has been retained. Modern baby showers are also more about making the mom-to-be feel special, and planning these baby showers requires lots of time and attention. If you have volunteered to, or have been tasked with, planning or hosting a baby shower, this is the perfect book for you! From reading this guide, you’ll have a solid footing as for where to start, and you can be sure that you won’t forget a single thing, as you’ll find inside a complete checklist of everything you need to do or prepare in order to throw a baby shower to remember. Whether it’s your first time planning a baby shower or you’ve already thrown a few in the past, this book contains very helpful tips and unique ideas that any baby shower host will find useful and helpful

Product Description

  • Innovative Game or Activity to make your Baby Shower more fun & memorable for your guests
  • Printed on Premium 100 GSM White Digital Inkjet Paper
  • Make In India Product From


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