? Premium 100% Pure Paraffin Wax (Fully Refined) | DIY Candle Making Paraffin Wax (White, 800gm)



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About this item:

  • MATERIAL:- Paraffin Wax ( Different Shapes of Pieces ) 900 Gram
  • Paraffin wax is one of the Most Common Wax Substances on the Market
  • TEXTURE & QUALITY:-Our paraffin wax is white in colour, good for any type of pillar and container candles. Colours and aromas can be used very easily in our paraffin wax. Its melting point is 45C-75C
  • USES : Candles- Manufacturers create candles with different blends of Paraffin wax depending on the type of candle they?re creating and the melting point or oil content
  • Crayons:- Paraffin wax is the primary ingredient in crayons that gives them their waxy texture. The wax, mixed with color pigments, is poured into a mold to form the crayon.

Product Description

White Paraffin wax

DIY candle making Can be used for Industrial use, all types of Candle making and Craft. Melting Point : 45 C – 75 C Pure Paraffin Wax (Fully Refined) Paraffin wax is one of the most versatile and common waxes used today. It comes in different melt points appropriate for many different applications, from Tealights, votives to pillars to containers. Paraffin Wax is a translucent solid grain wax which when melted in and poured in a mold container; takes the beautiful shape resulting in wax candles. Paraffin wax has high melting point so take all necessary precautions while using it. Add a candle color of your choice to the melting wax and stir gently. Use DivineLights Candle Colours for best results. If using a candle fragrance, take care not to add too much fragrance as this will make the wax cloudy. Make your own beautiful wax Candles with the different types of Mold Divine Lights Fully Refined Paraffin wax


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