Make A Wish Hot Air Balloon Paper Multi colors Sky Lantern Pack of 5



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About this item:

Hot Air Balloon Paper

  • Material: Paper
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Best Quality
  • High Flying Sky Lanterns
  • Best Product For Festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Guruparv etc. & also for normal use on any occassion or without it

Product Description

Hot air Balloon


Make any outdoor party, event, or celebration more memorable with the addition of these beautiful and ornate floating wish lanterns! Have guests activate the sky lanterns and release them into the air as they make their dreams come true!

Special Care Instructions

Sky lantern

Paper Lantern

Sky lantern is also known as Hot air lantern. It is a small hot air balloon made of paper with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended. Make your wish true by releasing these wish lanterns! This is assorted colors pack and is 3 ft in height. It has instructions included inside the pack. We offer the highest quality sky lanterns and related accessories

Make A Wish Hot Air Balloon Paper Multi colors Sky Lantern


air balloon


Safe, Easy, and Fun

Our wish lanterns come with instructions for use and care, and are made of flame resistant paper, so that you will have everything necessary to have a simple, enjoyable, and above all SAFE experience , these pollution free and safe

Individually Packed to Ensure Highest Quality

Each beautifully crafted wish lantern comes sealed in its own individual packaging, guaranteeing that every delicate little hot air balloon is in peak condition upon arrival, and ready for take-off

Flying Night Sky Candle

Sky Lanterns Multicolour Wishing Hot Air Balloon use for Diwali/Christmas/Marriage/Birthday/All Festival ,Available in different colors to make you more cheerful

wonderful Hand made craft activity

Hot Air Balloon

air balloon

Air Balloon

hor air balloon

Part of Festive Occasions

Sky Lantern Hot Air Balloon with Fuel Wax Candle, Lights up instantly, Sky Lanterns are like mini hot air balloons, Beautiful Sky Lanterns are Used on Multiple Occasions. Ready to use, no assembly required. The lantern filled with hot air, rises up in the sky, very interesting and amazing. In Crisp: Sky lanterns rise to heights and travel

Amaze and delight your guests

Make your day even more memorable and romantic with a professional sky lantern display. A major benefit of releasing your own sky lanterns, rather than lighting fireworks, is that they are far safer than fireworks Enjoy your special days with these safe sky lanterns. Available in different colors to make you more cheerful.

Sky lanterns rise to heights

They take approximately 90 seconds to fill with hot air before the sky lanterns are ready to be released into the sky, creating an impressive and eye-catching visual effect. Many believe they are symbolic of problems and worries floating away. Write a special message on the sky lanterns before releasing them.

Celebrating in traditional ceremonies

Imagine with all of your favorite people, filling beautiful little paper lanterns with good intentions and hopeful tomorrows, lighting them, and sending them out into the wind to be carried high into the atmosphere. With sky lanterns, you can make this lovely scene a reality! For centuries, the Lantern has made precious little hot air balloons out of delicate rice paper, bamboo frames, and small wax tea candles. They used them during traditional ceremonies and filled the sky with the marvelous sight of floating lanterns


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