Metallic Balloons For Birthday Anniversary Party Decoration (Multi Color, Pack of 20pc)


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These Metallic Balloons colourful balloons include gold, silver and red, blue etc. They are opaque and can be filled with air or helium. These long-lasting balloons filled with air can stay full for a month in favourable conditions, while with Helium, will stay for 24 hours. These Balloons are made of high-quality natural latex material with no toxic chemical composition, safe for people.

Product Description

Premium Quality Latex Metallic Balloons will “lift spirits” at every celebration. it’s used for small and large events. Use them for parties, birthdays, weddings, holidays, and special occasions, they can be used anywhere anytime and for any occasion, you wish to celebrate. Whether it is a party in the office, a Christmas bash, a baby shower, a wedding, or a casual party for friends, balloons seem to be an essential of party supplies. Size approx. 9 inches around, it is famous for gift items, balloons, kids play items and party decoration items. Metallic Finish Latex balloons are a beautiful and fun addition to any party. No party would seem complete without balloons to play around with, Blow them up with either your mouth, air balloon pump, or helium. BALLOONS SPECIFICATION: These Metallic balloons are the classic and most popular balloons. We packaged a 100 pcs pack with multiple colours. It is the best choice for your different theme party. These balloons are made of thick natural rubber latex that supports both helium and air. These metallic latex balloons are durable and 20% thicker than average latex balloons. They can be used for all indoor and outdoor party decorations. Like a baby shower, kids room, spring garden, graduation, summer party etc


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